[TRANS] 121115 Kim Jaejoong: “My first movie, seeing my face on the big screen feels awkward.”

(some parts that were translated already before omitted) 

From Singer to Actor, now a Movie Star. We have seen Kim Jaejoong on television from 2004 till now for 8 years. However, from November 15th, we can see Kim Jaejoong on a big screen which is several times larger than television. It’s an awkward situation for Kim Jaejoong also.

“I’m having a new feeling. I didn’t realize when I filmed the movie, but in reality it feels new. By the way, seeing my face that big was amazing. Because I haven’t seen it that big before, so it felt new and I was uneasy. (laugh)”

For his fans, seeing Kim Jaejoong’s face completely filling the theater screen would be amazing but there are more amazing facts. It’s a comedy ‘Code Name: Jackal’ that he chose for his debut movie. Kim Jaejoong who possesses beauty greater than women put himself down and acted using body-gags and comical expressions. In the first movie he challenged, he wholly put himself down and acted to ruin himself properly.

“I let a part of myself be liberated without reservation. I frantically ruined myself. That is why I gave more ad-libs. I think I can ruin myself more in the future, if it is for work.”

Above all, the scene that Kim Jaejoong called “most embarrassing” and where his fans could be shocked is revealed. He couldn’t have challenged the ‘humiliation parade’ if he were a quiet and introvert actor. Kim Jaejoong who has ‘mischief’ written on his face poured out humor meeting our expectations.

“I usually love being mischievous. There is playfulness in both sides of my cheeks. My cheeks are mischief pouches. (laugh) When I turn around a little, only my cheeks are seen. That is right, ‘mischief’.”

Since Kim Jaejoong filmed the TV series ‘Dr.Jin’ at the same time he was shooting for ‘Code Name: Jackal’, he lasted only by living like an owl. Moreover, he had to withstand the heat because ‘Dr. Jin’ was filmed outside in the middle of summer, and ‘Code Name: Jackal’ was filmed in the basement, so he had to even wear a padded jumper although it was summer. He continuously alternated between summer and winter. Though these were conditions that doom one to ill-health, there was not even a moment in which to be ill.

“I had no time to take care about health. Funny thing is that perhaps my body knew it, like ‘You shouldn’t be ill’. I went to the USA for work without having a rest as soon as I finished filming ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Code Name: Jackal’. Recently, I finished my movie premiere and went abroad for a fanmeet. I cannot be ill now.”

It would be exhausting if people work to such an extent they don’t sleep. However, Kim Jaejoong is a person who says having a rest is difficult. ‘Workaholic’ in one word. The characteristic of workaholics is that they can’t amuse themselves to their hearts’ content.

“I like being busy. There is no time to get stressed if I’m busy. It’s really hard to idle around. Having a rest gives me a mentally hard time. I don’t know how to rest. During days off, firstly I eat something delicious and meet people, and I can’t think of what to do next. I better work if I can’t put holidays to good use.”

Kim Jaejoong lives engrossed in his work. He is a natural-born actor whose greed about acting is great and also he carries the ability to satisfy that greed. When actors act two characters at the same time, there are cases where they can’t fully portray the personas, but it was different for Kim Jaejoong. He was Kim KyungTak on the set of ‘Dr. Jin’ and was also Choi Hyun on the set of ‘Code Name: Jackal’.

“I found enjoyment while filming ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Code Name: Jackal’. Although I physically had a hard time, it was fun. It was tough filming two pieces at the same time but, strangely I felt like I was going to cry on the set of ‘Dr. Jin’, and I got a laugh on the set of ‘Code Name: Jackal’. I lived like a double-faced person.”

Source:  Osen
Credit: Translated by Sofia (@126×204) and proofread by Nikki (@jae2thejoong)
Interview Release Date: November 15th, 2012


One thought on “[TRANS] 121115 Kim Jaejoong: “My first movie, seeing my face on the big screen feels awkward.”

  1. “He is a natural-born actor whose greed about acting is great and also he carries the ability to satisfy that greed.” this sentence is so true.. he really loves acting and it feels!!
    Thanks again for translating <3

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