2013 Yokohama Live Concert Audio Recording by Herose (Day 2)

Guize, 미모甲누나 of (the owner of Jaejoong’s Yokohama concert HQ recording) allowed to re-upload her audio on Youtube only if we follow the rules.

For Soundcloud users, I’m sorry I already deleted all my accounts…^^;; Enjoy it on Youtube instead :D

☞ Credit:
미모甲누나 of HEROSE (

☞ Download raw 320kbps MP3s (179MB .zip):

☞ Rules from the original uploader: 

1. Keep the credit, rules, and download link intact when you re-post the video elsewhere.

2. Do not ever edit the original MP3 tags.

3. Do not share the video or download link in any Yunjae fansite.

☞ Setlist

0:00:00 MINE

0:04:01 Precious

0:10:40 Hitomi wo Tojite (瞳をとじて)

0:16:25 Saigo no Ame (最後の雨)

0:21:24 Keshou (化粧)

0:28:03 Crescent Moon (三日月)

0:33:11 Ultra Soul

0:38:17 One Kiss

0:42:00 All Alone

0:46:59 Gekko (月光)

0:51:11 Boku no Soba ni (僕のそばに)

0:57:06 Glamorous Sky


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