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RECOLLECTION. Jaejoong and Hideaki Tokunaga

130624 Jaejoong in Yokohama Arena “BOKUNO SOBANI” (by ayajae11)

In June 2013, Kim Jaejoong covered Hideaki Tokunaga’s 僕のそばに (Stand by My Side; boku no soba ni), which was released in 1993, at his Yokohama Mini Live Concert & Fanmeet. During the concert, Kim Jaejoong said that Tokunaga sent him supporting messages upon hearing that he would cover Tokunaga’s song at his concert.

Tokunaga is the first male artist to have at least one album to reach the number-one position on the Japanese Oricon weekly charts for four decades (1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s).

Watch Hideaki Tokunaga’s Boku no Soba ni Live performance: http://youtu.be/FZqlcaMlaA4

Kim Jaejoong as DBSK/JYJ has also covered Tokunaga’s song ‘Rainy Blue’ four times in total; (1) as DBSK on FNS 2009, (2) duet with Yoochun on Boy Pop Factory 2009, (3) as JYJ at Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome 2010, and (4) as JYJ at Return of the King JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013.

Back in December 2009, Hideaki Tokunaga had mentioned Jaejoong in his interview. “When Tohoshinki and related people requested him to perform Rainy Blue with them, he asked why they had choose that song, and received the reply that they really like this song. (The members) worked hard to use Japanese to communicate with me, everyone of them is really handsome, especially Jaejoong, with that beauty looking at me, even if I didn’t have that kind of tendencies, my heart speed up. To the degree that I want to hug him. If I was a girl, there is no doubt I will fall for him.” (source)

Also in December 2010, Hideaki Tokunaga during his concert MC section had said “Even though a lot of people have done covers of my songs, but out of all of them Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong’s performance of Rainy Blue makes me feel the most touched. Because of many different reasons right now, it is hard for him to sing in Japan, but I will wait for the day he performs again……” (source)

Watch the video compilation of Jaejoong’s Rainy Blue live performances (by angelkiss0204)



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