The fortuneteller that Jaejoong Visited for Palm Reading


The fortuneteller Jaejoong visited for palm reading in the video shown at Yokohama Concert posted her account.

She said:

”(~) Someday in June, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (formerly DBSK) stopped off at my fortune-telling shop ‘Hou uranai Yakata’ while taking for a walk in China Town. I analyzed the lines of his palm and predicted his life expectancy. He has artless and amiable personality in spite of being a star. He’s honest and rather pure, so everything was done in a cozy atmosphere. He’s talented in singing, dancing, acting and etc. though, the reason he has been continuously loved by a lot of fans must be his personality. (~) “

Source: The fortuneteller’s Blog ameblo.jp/yokohama231china148/entry-11572992541.html

Let’s look back on her fortunetelling that even startled Jaejoong, then:

– He’s healthy but the problem is that he likes smoking
– Alcohol is okay
– Jaejoong has good sense and talents
– Jaejoong is the type of a person whose emotions and feelings are easily shown on the face. He wants to hide it but others still can sense, which is also the reason he’s so much loved because it’s very cute of him.
– Jaejoong will get married at the age of 30. (But he said he won’t :P)


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