The Mother of JYJ Fan’s Friend Gets Starstruck by Jaejoong




Around 2:24 p.m. Jaejoong had Vietnamese noodle for his lunch today at Bay Chai, Apgujeong the mother of JYJ fan’s friend runs. The fan said “Jaejoong was alone with his manager only. They ordered a regular rice noodle and Jjamppong, and shared the food in amity with each other. LOL. My friend’s mother said Jaejoong was polite and kind.”


Later, the JYJ fan posted this Kakaotalk convo between her and her friend on Twitter. [translation below]


JYJ fan: Your mother must have seen him so close to her eyes.
Friend: My mom kept on talking to him. LOL. She was so excited.
Friend: She said he kindly answered her back.
JYJ fan: He looked handsome, right? LOL
Friend: Yup, she said he was damn handsome. Friggin’ handsome.
JYJ fan: *cries*
Friend: She also said he was striking and he’s nice.

Source: JYJ_SoulS2’s tweets

For those who want to eat the same food (lol) as JJ ate today when you visit Korea in the future….



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