[TRANS] KEPA’s Petition Sent to 26 Companies to Prohibit JYJ’s Activities

[Note: This is the English translation of the petition sent by KEPA to Warner Music Korea, 9 broadcast stations, 11 music distributions, and 5 online music service companies, making that 26 companies in total. FYI, Korean Entertainment Producer’s Association is one of 12 members of Korea Pop Culture and Arts Industry Coalition who were caught red-handed along with SM in prohibiting JYJ’s activities by the Fair Trade Commission.]


(SM Entertainment ‘DBSK’)

We, all members of Korean Entertainment Producer’s Association, hereby state our serious concern that some members of SM Entertainment’s, DBSK, submitted to a court the case that nullifies their exclusive contracts and claims for damage.

If the legal proceedings judgment has a result in favor of the 3 members of DBSK, who gave the general public the misconception of a so-called “Slave Contract” simply for their pecuniary advantages, many more entertainers will make improper use of the result and start abusing the lawsuits against their management companies.

Hence, we members of the association share the petition and ask your signing on it.

January 20th, 2011

Korean Entertainment Producer’s Association

Translation credit: Jaetaku


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