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130727 LINE update: trollJOONG!




1. Sitting at the piano.. What song shall I play…?
2. It’s summer and Saturday.. so…
3. (sends a video of himself singing to the piano accompaniment)
4. (sends the DJ man sticker >_< lol)


I actually thought the melody is nice and was excited thinking that he’s composing new songs. Then it turns out he sang Apgujeong Nallari (by Infinity Challenge’s Yoo Jaeseok & Lee Jeok), check the video below. 

Yeah… TrollJoong made that hilarious song into a soulful R&B song! LMAO. The lyrics he’s singing in the LINE video is: Yo girls. How many are you. Don’t say no thanks, just drink it. Everything is yours. And I’m actually Kingka~ haha! x’D (T/N: Kingka is a Korean slang, which means a male heart throb especially around colleges.)

++ T/N: The reason JJ said “It’s summer and Saturday, so..” is that Infinity Challenge airs on Saturdays and this song was released through the TV show’s own music festival last summer.


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