[TRANS] ‘My Memoirs of CJes for 4 Years’ by ex-admin of Jaejoong’s Korean fansite HEROSE

Part 1. My Memoirs of CJeS for 4 Years

submitted by 바람난누나 (admin of HEROSE)
translated by Sofia L. (@jaetaku)

Part 1: http://herose.co.kr/xe/free/309177 (2013-08-15)
Part 2: http://herose.co.kr/xe/free/309424 (2013-08-19)

The writer’s disclaimer: This article does not reflect the majority of Herose’s opinions, but is my own personal experience.


I remember 2008 as the year TVXQ made it to the top in Japan. During that year, I was both very worried and very proud of them, for TVXQ was having numerous activities and concerts at a frenetic pace, constantly coming and going to Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, etc. Seeing Jaejoong who had a cold even in the middle of  summer and also had a tight schedule, I had many worries about his deteriorating immune system. I still remember feeling pity that Jaejoong’s solo ‘Forgotten Season’ in Mirotic album was recorded while he had a cold back then.

Moreover, it was a difficult situation that even though Jaejoong came back to his homeland to recharge his batteries, he could not do so  thanks to his diehard stalkers. SM Ent. did not care about protecting the privacy of  its artists.

After 2008 passed, I happened to see a very heartbreaking picture of Jaejoong at Tokyo Dome Concert 2009. A picture of Jaejoong weeping sadly. In the picture, the tearful Jaejoong was not the one we fans have known and there were a lot of rumors flying that made many fans worried. Looking back at the moment, I remember that I made an interpretation of my own: ‘The weight of Jaejoong’s worries broke into tears’.

The lawsuit against SM Ent. followed… I thought that SM must have been treating TVXQ so badly to the degree that Jaejoong eventually filed a lawsuit despite the fact that he was the one who loves the group TVXQ more than anyone else. So I unquestioningly believed in Jaejoong’s decision and have stayed by his side. After the lawsuit, the negative attacks unleashed by SM and its fans were mind-boggling. In spite of the situation, Jaejoong filmed a Japanese TV series and we fans thought that Jaejoong would continue to have activities in Japan. However, Avex suddenly halted JYJ’s activities in Japan. And the reason behind Avex’s decision to halt JYJ’s activities was CJes’ CEO, Baek Changju.

[ Excerpt from Avex’s announcement on halting JYJ’s activities ]

“It was reported that the legal representative of company C, which is currently responsible for managing the 3 members’ activities, has been taking advantage of his father’s previous status as a gang leader to threaten and coerce the artists under its label. He has already been has been found guilty of, and sentenced to prison on charges of coercion. We have therefore conducted an investigation. According to the results, at present, it’s not clear that he’s related to the mafia. However, other reports about the past have been proven to be true.”

[ Excerpts from JYJ’s stance announcement]

“For the past several months, Avex has been putting forth adverse conditions to 3 members of TVXQ, contrary to what had been done in the past, by using the past career of C-JeS’s CEO as a pretext, and when these conditions were rejected, Avex began discussions on canceling their contract and unilaterally announced a halt in activities in order to corner the 3 members.”

It means [Avex announced the suspension of the 3 members’ activities] not because of the 3 members who have filed the lawsuit, but because of CJeS’s social legitimacy and morality. With this excuse, there were relentless negative attacks toward the lawsuit and it has put an edge on 3 members’ morality and transparency. However, we were able to endure, with the belief that we weren’t wrong to chose 3 members’ side. Through WORLDCLASSJJ (T/N: a Japanese fansite founded by Herose), we explained to overseas fans the concept of agency and earnestly asked them not to be shaken by negative attacks. We spent those tough days like that.

What was the meaning of TVXQ to Jaejoong, what was the members’ existence to him, as his fans, we know his feelings, even just a little bit of it. Therefore I felt sorry that Jaejoong wasn’t able to get over his sorrow of the split of TVXQ quickly. At that time I believe there wasn’t a Jaejoong fan who didn’t have this worry, thinking ‘Just touching him slightly could make him cry his eyes out’. To that extent, it must be a really tough decision to Jaejoong. Because of that, I sincerely hoped that, CJes would become a smart agency regardless of its small scale as CJes bravely confronted SM.

Chapter 1: I thought that it was just something they couldn’t do…

and that they would get better.

They gave up activities in Japan and came back to Korea. Their 1st album, The Beginning, started with ambition.  However, due to a visa problem, their showcase was held for free in America. This was Cjes’ start.  After the showcase in America, it would be Jamsil concert. So I contacted CJeS about a banner problem. But I learnt that all the employees had gone to the US; only one manager, a layman, was doing all the preparations for Jamsil concert. Not only fans but all eyes would be focused on that concert because it was JYJ’s first concert after the lawsuit. I couldn’t help feeling shocked about the poor preparation.

Sure enough, as they said that Jamsil stadium would be covered with a lid, they didn’t even think that such thick and large cloth used to cover the stadium would be torn out under the weight of the wind. The result came out terribly. But if you look into the preparation process, that accident was predictable. We had to thank the wind for making the lid fall before the concerts, and not during the concert that would have eventually led to a terrible toll of lives.

What was even worse was the screening throughout Jamsil concert. They must rehearse beforehand and check where the light should shine during the solos. It’s a basic thing in group performances. But throughout the concert, there were a mere handful of Jaejoong’s close-up scenes, and I even saw some Jaejoong fans crying after the concert. I could read the sorrow of Jaejoong fans. I would have at least accepted it if we got to see him often. But it was our first meeting after such a long time since the lawsuit. The venue was the main arena (of Jamsil stadium), and as it is too large, there were many fans who could only look at JYJ through the screen. But there was no consideration about that at all. In addition, among the support clips from fans shown at the concert, only Jaejoong fans’ support clip was left out. So Jaejoong fans were angrier. Even till that time, I still thought that maybe CJes made a mistake because they didn’t know about it well enough, and I had expected that they would get better.

But once again, my expectation was broken.  The unclear sales method of the retailers/distributors (both online and offline) and the coarse distribution of Jaejoong’s individual photobook which Jaejoong fans really looked forward to… JYJ’s music essay was released around the same time as the photobook..  Even though the contents of two products are different, [how can] the distributors and sales method be so different when both were distributed around the same time.

While JYJ’s music essay was distributed via normal distributors like Kyobo, the price of Intermodulation in online stores was all different from each other, which caused confusion. What was worse, the so-called promotional banner, which was so poorly made, was hung and the photobook was sold physically in some places like stores in an underpass, as if the photobook was something inferior and cheap. Even though CJeS said that they didn’t know, because they are not the one who produced the photobook, and they would make it (offline sales) stop, but in the end the distributor replied that it couldn’t be stopped.

In the end, I called the manufacturer and the distributors and found out that every company involved in this incident happened to work thanks to their acquaintanceship with CJeS CEO, Baek Changju. Additionally, all of them were start-up companies that were working on this for the first time and so, of course, were unskilled in the working process. It was one of the things I had to go through while holding my hand tight.

After that, there was announcement that Jaejoong would take on directing the Asian stops of JYJ’s worldwide tour. To Jaejoong’s fans, it sounded Jaejoong would give up on his solo activities as an entertainer, so we could not be just elated at the news. But as I have seen CJes’  incompetence in their planning of concerts, I embraced the reality and tried to relish Jaejoong’s another ability. However, another incident that made Jaejoong fans furious happened. It was when the Indonesian concert was cancelled and the promoter blamed Jaejoong as the culprit for the cancellation. A lot of fans requested that CJes protest strongly to the Indonesian promoter and post a notice that the culprit is not Jaejoong. But CJeS posted such an unilateral notice about a cancellation of the Indonesian concert itself only. While CJes was so willing to work mobilizing the legal department when the fraud case was filed against Baek Changju regarding the US showcase, CJes played dumb about the Indonesian promoter’s defamation against Jaejoong  even though the real culprit was CJes’ own poor management skills.

Busan Concerts.

After the Busan Concert was decided, Herose planned an event for Jaejoong’s fans who were a bit lifeless because Jaejoong had had no solo activities at all for 2 years in Korea. So we came up with the idea of Busan subway ads and bus rapping. These two ads needed Jaejoong’s picture, so we contacted CJes to request permission to use his pictures, which are copyrighted. Without thinking that we might get rejected at all… But, our request for the ads got rejected. When we asked the reason for the rejection, they said “The superior authority instructed that an individual member’s ads aren’t allowed.” It was such an absurd situation, so we firmly asked who the superior authority is and said we will talk to him on the phone. They said they’ll talk to Him again and told us to wait. After a long while, they contacted us, saying they received approval for the ads. Was ‘a matter of course’ not be able to happen naturally because the object was Kim Jaejoong? Why reject only Jaejoong while allowing the other 2 members who were having solo activities? It’s nonsense, isn’t it? Until now, I couldn’t help laughing at their ulterior motive that they thought we would not do it if they tell us not to. Why are gloomy forebodings always not wrong… Since then we had a premonition that there would be barriers obstructing Jaejoong. Even so, we could not give up. Because it is where Jaejoong is at…

Chapter 2 : Heros appear at times of turbulence, but monsters too.


If you are Jaejoong’s fan, you must not feel comfortable with this name. The words they poured out were clearly beyond just intemperate language and this site could not justify their actions with any reason. Most of Jaejoong’s fans were sighing out their grief and agony about this site. It is wrongful thinking if some hold the entire Jaejoong’s fandom responsible for not being able to eliminate Kim-mi-chul and self-purify the fandom as a whole.

One day, CJes’ overall manager called us, all of a sudden, commanding all of Jaejoong’s fansites to get rid of Kim-mi-chul. They are mere fansites, how could they have such power to eliminate one site? With what right? Fansites are only gathering places for fans, which have no authority or power. So I agreed on the seriousness about Kim-mi-chul even though we don’t have such authority to remove one site. The manager said he called all the fansites’ admins and got their agreements on removing Kim-mi-chul. While exchanging calls with CJes a few times, I heard that CJes showed the screencaptures of Kim-mi-chul to Jaejoong. And the manager said Jaejoong was very angry reading them. It was a shock to the extent I could not believe my own ears that I heard it. I think CJes themselves didn’t screencapture the site’s posts, but probably someone from another fandom sent them to CJes, and CJes stuck the trashy words to Jaejoong, saying ‘It’s what your fans are like.’ Can there be such a management agency who does the same absurdity to its artist  in the world? This situation was no better than a plot they hatched to try and lay the blame on Jaejoong, saying, ‘Aren’t you feeling sorry for seeing this? Please get rid of the site with your own hands if you feel sorry.’ This is not protecting Jaejoong, only making him feel guilty by using the dark area of fandom, isn’t it?

We clearly said we agreed on eliminating Kim-mi-chul, and even pleaded with them to process it completely so it won’t end up in an anticlimax. However, CJes could not sue the site and eventually the result was no better than using this as a tool to alienate Jaejoong from Jaejoong’s fans. As if all of Jaejoong fans did it putting the guilt on us…. Some are talking about this as if CJes did not sue the site, considering that Jaejoong started his solo activity after a long time back then, are you serious?

Certainly, Kim-mi-chul’s actions were expressions of twisted rage. But CJes should know the natural phenomenon that ‘an onion will not produce a rose’, meaning CJes is the one who created the monsters and CJes is also the one who “used” the monsters for itself. Thus for Jaejoong and his fans, CJes and the monsters are accomplices.

Chapter 3: Becoming more and more ridiculous as days go by

What is the substance behind CJes managers having a feeling of rejection towards Jaejoong’s fans?

Among what I’ve heard on the phone from CJes managers so far, this is what emerges of what they think of Jaejoong’s fans.

It was when Jaejoong’s absence was announced only a day before the In Heaven  fansign event was held, so fans who bought dozens of copies to see Jaejoong were disconcerted and CJes received so many inquiries.

I called CJes, asking them to post an announcement as soon as possible because things would be calmer if CJes released an announcement saying that Jaejoong couldn’t attend the event due to a personal matter. More so because there were strange rumours flying, I thought just one announcement could solve the problem. However, the overall JYJ manager said he would, but he did not, so I had to ask him again and again. After I almost begged him for 2 days, he said this: “It’s not hard to post an announcement, but why should I do this for Jaejoong’s fans who curse me?” And then he left for Spain. CJes proceeded with the fansign event anyway without making any announcement. The attitude is that he doesn’t have professional mindset at all, his personal feelings take priority over his artist, and he used 45 minutes of a 1-hour call to make excuses. Just by seeing this, you can assume how much CJes managers have antagonism towards Jaejoong’s fans. While saying that on the phone, he even said: “Other 2 members’ fans are obedient and they always say “Yes!” to whatever we ask of them, but why are Kim Jaejoong’s fans so nitpicky?”

But, does this man know that I have never been asked or requested by CJeS managers except when the Dispatch incident happened, and other than this, I had only been requested something for other members’ matters… This man must not know it, and he doesn’t care if it’s day, early morning, or night, and calls me any time when he wants, and I had to tolerate his impoliteness, thinking it might help Jaejoong, even if only a little bit.

Dispatch Incident

Before the other member’s Sasaeng video was released, I received a call from CJes. The call was about how we should help CJes with this issue because we never know when Jaejoong’s video might also be released. I remember CJes’ quick actions that contained the spread of videos circulated on websites and sued anyone who talked  about it.

They knew ahead of time that Dispatch would also release Jaejoong’s video.

After Jaejoong’s audio was released by Dispatch, I received a call from CJes in the morning. I was frustrated but never thought this would be something that would give cause for people to blast Jaejoong. Because it was clearly an extreme invasion of privacy and we fans have been well aware of the malicious stalkers. So I asked CJes to release news articles focusing on the malicious nature of sasaengs. But, as expected, CJes did not listen to my advice and employed useless coping methods that didn’t address the crucial points. Obviously they had known of Dispatch’s move beforehand, and anyone could have concluded that releasing the scandal during the time when CJes and JYJ leave Korea would be a golden opportunity for Dispatch. However, the entirety of CJes staff, with the exception of just one manager, left for JYJ’s South American tour. They even brought along journalists. Even giving CJes the benefit of the doubt that they did so for the importance of the concerts, they still should have at least planned minimum measures to prepare for the worst. I want to ask the person in charge of publicity, which was a more important matter between the South American tour and Dispatch incident?

All fans could do was collect incidents of sasaengs’ unpardonable atrocities to give to journalists. At first, even though we asked a lot of reporters from various companies to write articles focusing on the damages Jaejoong had to endure, they replied that they would do so when they have a stopover later. It turned out CJes brought reporters from 30 news companies for the South American tour. But sadly, [the reporters that replied to fans] were just paying lip service with no intention of following through… We asked them numerous times if JYJ were going to have a press interview to apologize, they answered “never”. But the next day, JYJ had a press interview including their apology and it was……

After we heard that KBS news program would do a report about the Dispatch audio, we contacted CJes and asked that they put a stop to it. And later I heard that the CJes employee who remained in Korea went to KBS and pleadingly begged KBS to report it as minimally as possible. But the reality was that in the end, the broadcast only focused on Jaejoong… After watching the broadcast, I called CJes and got angry at them, and then they answered “It was the result of my begging, so it was reported to a minimum”. But…. minimum? What minimum for Jaejoong?

After that, JYJ came back to Korea and the other member was bereaved for his father. We sent wreaths to the funeral under the name of Herose, and tried to avoid making calls to CJes because we thought it might be harassing them in such a situation. Around midnight of that day, JYJ’s overall manager called me and started gushing out his curses about how much he hates Jaejoong’s fans. He poured out extremely abusive expressions at me. I was so bewildered and asked the reason. Then he said Jaejoong’s fans sent so many cursing e-mails and tweets to Dispatch, and now Dispatch wants to explode more. What a sudden and unexpected call at midnight? The cursing e-mails and tweets were mostly made by young OT5 fans, Jaejoong’s fans were actually so cautious as if we were treading on ice. Even if it was what Jaejoong’s fans did, wouldn’t they at least uphold a cause only when they passed along a request to Jaejoong’s fandom in advance, just like what they actually did to other members’ fandom?

I want to hear from CJes what in the world they have done for Jaejoong after the Dispatch incident happened. Their non-existent efforts behind the scenes? In a pro’s world, when you have unseen results, you can’t call it “work”, but rather “negligence”.

Probably, throughout my entire life, the time with CJes was the most patience-demanding to the maximum. However, because it’s where Jaejoong is at, I had to stifle my feelings as much as possible.

Getting  worse.

The strange incident happened that CJes Official Youtube Channel subscribed to a sasaeng’s Youtube channel and in doing so, made the other sasaeng  video widely known in the world.

If mistakes are committed repeatedly, it’s not a mistake but a choice. This video was first uploaded on the Chinese website YouKu, and then it was uploaded on Youtube just a few hours later. That video was not easy to find with a simple search, so how was CJes able to find it and subscribe to this channel right away? Thanks to CJes, this unknown video became a hot  video in no time.

One thing before this.
CJes employees must know better than anyone else how difficult it was for Jaejoong due to the Dispatch incident. We fans still remember this incident with tears and we collected letters to send to Jaejoong, praying that Jaejoong could overcome this difficulty and come out into the world again.

But this self-proclaimed management agency for Jaejoong subscribed to the sasaeng’s Youtube channel and made it extensively known. They say it was a mistake, but it can’t be dismissed as merely a mistake when you think of the long time gap between when it was uploaded and when CJes finally unsubscribed from the channel. A choice pretending to be a mistake would make more sense. Maybe they were trying to hide this so-called “mistake” behind Jaejoong, just like they recently did on Weibo.

To be continued….
I think the part 2 will be a bit  long post.


After Herose admin published this post, another JYJ fan (@kukjjang) revealed her experience kept as a secret for years.  (She’s not even an individual fan of Jaejoong, but a hardcore JYJ fan)

About JYJ’s Busan concert 2011, we know that JYJ was a bit late appearing on stage. It was actually because CJes staff did not prepare the stage and its related stuff early. And CJes didn’t even tell JYJ about this. So JYJ had to have a rehearsal on the actual concert day. That’s why the concert was a bit delayed. While one staff person was conversing with others, he said “We shouldn’t let JYJ know of this, especially Jaejoong because he’s strict regarding this matter.” Even though I heard it with my own ears and took a picture of that staff member’s business card, who the hell ordered Blessing (Yuchun’s fansite) to lie to JYJ fans? “There was fire on stage” and “some member is sick’ about the delay of concert” haha…  For years, I’ve never opened this secret. I tried to hide it myself, but now I can no longer keep it as a secret. Why? Because I’ve given up on CJes and even without this, CJeS has created worse things all along after then.

T/N: And we all know that Blessing is connected to CJes’ overall JYJ manager Park Sang Ho, thanks to the CF rumor incident last year that this manager insulted Jaejoong behind his back, lying, “I can’t give all the CFs that we are offered to Yuchun, because Jaejoong is jealous of Yuchun getting CF offers” to Yuchun’s Korean fansites (Blessing included)

Screencapture of the fan’s tweets:


Part 2. My Memoirs of CJeS for 4 Years

Chapter 4: Law firm for whom?

After the lawsuit, the anti-fans’ aggressiveness surrounding JYJ was a huge pain that we can’t even put into words.

JYJ fans had to have a tough fight, standing against anti-fans’ malicious rumors.

Japan’s Gazzang blog, which poured out all kinds of malicious rumors and curses as soon as the lawsuit began, arbitrarily translated the Dispatch’s JYJ video with the intent for it to be circulated. We requested CJes several times that they handle this Youtube videos (translated by Gazzang) first and foremost since it caused the most serious problems. Every time we requested, CJeS told us to email the data (video url, screencapture, etc.) again and again; so we had to do this unproductive work thinking, ‘Surely CJeS won’t ignore this’ with little expectation. However, although CJES said they sued Gazzang, her videos were in a state of total neglect with still increasing views. It’s said that Youtube videos can be eliminated by CJes, through a management agency’s report though.

CJeS was also lackadaisical in coping with anti-fans in DCinside. The more serious the anti-fans’ flagrant curses became, the more fans’ stress and fury went to extremes to the degree fans could no longer wait, believing CJeS’ words ‘Send us the screencaptures’. Eventually, Jaejoong fans united efforts together, collecting the screencaptures and organizing them, and then sued the most vicious anti-fan WorldJaejoongZzang.

When fans sue a certain celebrity’s anti-fan, the police tend to think it is not a big problem. Thus, in the process of stating testimony as accusers, we had difficulties convincing the detective of the severity and damages. Fortunately, the detective in charge of this case felt sympathy of the damages and the intent that we had to generate a sense of alarm also to other anti-fans who are active on cyberspace especially cyberbullying, therefore this case was able to process favorably.

Meanwhile, we received a call from CJeS. It was because the police has to contact the first party, a celebrity, or his/her management company when the third party sues others in behalf of the first party, so our complaint was shared and read to CJES. “We’ll make a settlement since WorldJaejoongZzang is a minor and she introspects very much.”, said CJes. We thought there was something questionable about this, so we called the detective and asked about the specifics. The detective said it was revealed that WorldJaejoongZzang was leaving malicious comments with two accounts (of DCinside) and one of them was registered in her name* and the other one was in her sister’s name. But the anti-fan herself was not a minor. After I heard this, I called CJeS again and said she’s not a minor and made it clear that it was impossible to settle. If we believed CJeS’ words and did not check the specifics, we might have settled the case, being deceived by WorldJaejoongZzang’s acting as her minor sister.

* T/N: Korean websites request social security numbers when register. (but recently the law changed to not allow requesting SSN)

I am not a person whose job is “fan”. But CJeS employees’ job is dealing with these kind of problems as a living. So I can’t free myself of the thought that CJeS took it so simply without checking the details while fans toiled the work that was supposed to be done by CJeS itself. Just a phone call to the detective was needed though.

After this, CJeS released news articles and posted announcement as following:


It was an announcement that CJeS would take a firm action to the netizens who leave malicious comments concerning JYJ. So I expected inwardly. Because fans’ “accusation” is limited, the punishment tends to be lighter than we expect. On the other hand, if the management agency accuses anti-fans of a wide range of charges, additional punishment can be expected, so the anti-fan would not risk her life ever to cyberbullying.

But I heard nothing from CJeS’ case of accusation; then one day, I received an unexpected call from the police who

were undergoing an investigation. It was that WorldJaejoongZzang had accused me of defamation herself. I went to the police and underwent an investigation, and then I was cleared of suspicion (indictment impossible). In short,

it was a ridiculous accusation and she only tried to harass me. The most ridiculous thing was that WorldJaejoongZzang applied for a formal trial to the court, with her complaint, ‘The fine (2,000,000 Won) the prosecution sentenced is unfair’. So I am currently in the state of being notified to appear as a witness from the court. I thought that WorldJaejoongZzang would receive additional punishment if CJeS accused her, but it was an absurd situation that she even mentioned about her reputation and applied for a formal trial as if she was wronged. What would happened if I released this vicious anti-fan with no self-reflection at all? Doesn’t it make you dizzy?

Having experienced a chain of such events, I wondered if WorldJaejoongZzang was included in the list of netizens CJes said it would accuse…. So I made an inquiry to CJeS, and they answered me back ‘It’s difficult because she’s a minor’. I was stunned in silence while confirming them ‘Don’t you remember that we did not settle because she is not a minor?’

And then CJeS answered back ‘It’s impossible to double-accuse since the screencapture overlaps with other fans’

I was stunned into silence once again.

What we did was an accusation from the third party. Didn’t CJeS know that they can accuse her of defamation or whatever themselves with screencaptures besides our compliant? Isn’t this the company CJes that works with one of the best law firms in Korea?

Even so, I suppressed my anger and sent CJeS the screencaptures excluding the ones concerning our former complaint to keep an eye on CJeS once more. CJeS said they would accuse her, but now I didn’t expect them too.

There is a saying “From one thing you can discern all.” If you are on it, it will definitely appear on the surface. And there’s a Chinese proverb ‘To learn from the negatives of a person or a thing’.  While I was dealing with CJeS, I learned a lot of things: how a lack of professionalism and insincerity in the work cause big nuisances….

T/N: About WorldJaejoongZzang, please read my post published on December 3rd, 2012. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/k7i1l0 (We fans thought that CJeS was the one who coped with this anti-fan, so I posted this last year, but the reality was….)

Chapter 5: Of what Kim Jaejoong did CJeS work as a management agency?


4 years after the lawsuit, Jaejoong’s solo album ‘I’ released. It was his fans’ long time wish, and was his firstever solo album since his debut. Therefore, it was more special that fans had huge expectations and were massively interested in it. I thought CJeS, of course, knew this kind of fans’ expectation.

JYJ members are under different circumstances from other singers. Due to the cartel of giant companies, even though they release albums, they can’t even properly chart in online music charts, let alone appear in music broadcasts. Therefore, in this reality, the only way to let the general public know of Jaejoong’s status and power is album sales. This is what CJeS has to understand and prepare better than we fans do as it is a management agency.

But how was it?

After the album released, I called Synnara Record for organizing a group purchase. But Synnara threw me a question out of nowhere ‘How many copies of album do you think Jaejoong will be selling?’ It seemed that CJeS had asked Synnara about this and to figure out the number of copies they’re going to produce for the first week. Of course, I said it will be selling well, but a question came to my mind: what was the standard CJes set of the number of copies for the first week.

Our schedule of a group purchase was a bit late though. I had never thought that there would be an album shortage even in the first week of the official release. However, there weren’t enough albums supplied to meet the demand on the first day of our group purchase, and it was an absurd situation since we pre-ordered at Synnara and Synnara had to push CJes to produce more. Jaejoong’s solo album came out, and the only way to tell the the world ‘JYJ members still remain undiminished’ was being blocked by this self-proclaimed management agency, not by an external repression.

Anyone who has ever ran a business knows that every product has its own characteristic. Some product needs to be sold out without any stock left, and some product needs to be sold for a long time even though it’s not sold out immediately. So, the basic of marketing is that you first have to figure out the characteristics of each product. For singers, albums are not seasonal goods that even n-years-old albums steadily sell little by little, more so because there will be new fans who could not buy the album at that time. This is because albums are singers’ history.

But CJeS abused the word ‘No Stock’ in promotional news articles as if they were selling a seasonal good. What was worse, JYJ Japan Official Store announced “Cancelling Pre-orders and Refund” even before album ‘Y’ was released. Chinese fans are still making inquiries of group purchasing ‘Y’ album copies by the thousand, and CJeS is only saying there is no stock.

For me who started as a “singer Jaejoong” fan, everything about this seemed really abnormal to me. CJeS’ problem is not only limited to not being able to secure a supply of the album copies; the distributors are also having difficulties because CJeS recall defective products only in a 1:1 exchange.

T/N: meaning, CJeS does not allow the distributors recall defective products unless they give them back to CJeS while other companies just give the distributors extra copies and take the defective products later. CJeS’ this kind of behavior lets the distributors make extra efforts of going back and forth.

The company which needs to show efforts of selling even one more copy and to have good ties with the distributors is acting predominantly, carrying JYJ’s status on its back. Did this company mean that it wouldn’t have any work concerning singers in its future plan? Or because it is forever a 4-year-old novice that lacks of knowledge of the music industry?

Recently, CJeS spoke really true words about a giant company Loen’s tyranny.

“Distribution of album without promotion and marketing is equal to hoard up the contents.”

Absolutely right!

And please keep in mind that Jaejoong fans clearly remember how CJes promoted and did marketing when Jaejoong was having solo album activity!

There were only a few of news articles whose contents and press pictures are the same. And a few interview articles and videos. What was worse, there were no press conference, promotional videos, banners, leaflets, etc. in Kim Jaejoong’s first-ever Japan solo concerts at Yokohama Arena. There was nothing. It was a “secret” concert that only fans knew of without any advance promotion or promotion on site. CJes did not even reveal the fact that Yokohama concerts’ tickets were only sold for those who newly registered JYJ Japan membership and paid fees (for ticketing of the concerts). They prohibited making mention of it because the way they recruited JYJ Japan membership combining with ticketing of Yokohama concerts was so peculiar? It made me smile bitterly then and it still does now.

However, because it was a point to show Jaejoong’s popularity and his fans’ loyalty, fans requested CJeS to include this part in news articles. But CJeS only edited the formerly reported reduced number of concert attendants, and never mentioned the concerts were ‘limited’ to JYJ Japan membership.

The situation that has come this far makes me think “might’s tyranny” is not only from the outside.


CJes’ business handling in terms of actor Kim Jaejoong… The processes… Actually there’s nothing to talk about.

In what positive way has CJeS supported Kim Jaejoong’s drama and him as an actor; what kind of roadmap does

CJeS have, and does CJeS have any plan to shape up the roadmap… There was nothing CJeS has shown thus far that I can think of. Because it is only possible to praise or point out a mistake when the company has done something. Should I laugh or cry?

Chapter: 6: Ending this writing…

Befor I started writing this article, I was having a lot of worries and hesitation. And after posting the article, I heard a

lot of concerns from fans and I fully understood the reason of their concern.

However, the reason of posting this memoir is just one.

Because we have experienced SM Ent., we know that if we connive unreasonable things, it becomes a practice, and if the practice gets old, they regard this as normal.

If CJes is to truly go with Jaejoong, CJeS should have shown us that it ventures on things they need to improve in and gouge out things they need to cut out. And I think this is the way to keep our pride since we have believed in Jaejoong.

Recently, we fans know that CJeS is rapidly expanding to be an actor specialty management company from the continuous releasing of news articles of CJeS scouting actors outside. How was it able to have such a base of funding power? Any people, even non-JYJ fans, know it. So it is not too much to say that the CEO Baek Chang Ju did not ‘raise’ JYJ, but JYJ including Jaejoong helped set Baek Chang Ju on his leg to be a CEO with a full tank of cash in a short time of period. However, Baek Chang Ju is only getting CJes all fired up about expanding it, and at the same time, also glorifying himself in the way by saying he raised the immature runaway children, JYJ, in the company newsletter so-called ‘JYJ Magazine’.

I do not know what is really the right thing though. Reflecting my own life experiences, I’d say there must be some problem since lots of other people are having doubts too. Even if it’s a stauch castle, it cannot help but collapse if the problems last long. It’s not a solution to hold tight the outside of the castle or protect the castle with the gate locked from the outside when the castle is collapsing inside.

While I have watched and supported Jaejoong for 7 years, I had never thought of giving-up in any situation surrounding Jaejoong. But now, I gave up on CJeS. I do not expect anything from CJeS. If this type of giving-up is what CJes wants, I’d say I lost.

I do know that there are a lot of controversies because of my writing. So, I shall make this clear. I take full responsibility for this writing myself. This writing is what I post as a person, not the admin of Herose. I’d like to underline that I am solely responsible for this writing and it is irrelevant to Herose. I am very sorry because I feel that I left such a big burden on the remaining admins. But I have no doubt that the remaining admins will be more supportive for Jaejoong.

There is a saying “Pull on the oars yourself if there is no wind”.

I end this writing with my little hope that the oars Jaejoong is pulling on will reach the destination he wants to achieve with fans together.

T/N: When the Weibo incident happened, the writer stated that she is no longer admin of Herose ever since she’s revealing the screencapture of email exchanging with CJeS. Read the first and last paragraphs of this (link). As promised, she posted her memoir of CJeS for 4 years as a former admin of Herose.

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