[INFO] Where to Buy Jaejoong’s album ‘WWW’ offline, preferably near his concert venue COEX?

The nearest Hottracks to the concert venue COEX is Gangnam Branch.

Why should I purchase the album at Hottracks?
– Because it counts on Hanteo Chart for sure!

There are also Synnara Record branches in Seoul,

but they are not directly connected inside subway stations unlike the Hottracks branches mentioned below,
so it’s quite a hassle for you to try to find the shops.

Where is Hottracks Gangnam Branch?

– You only need to arrive at Sinnonhyeon Subway Station (신논현역), Exit 7
which is directly connected to Kyobo Bookstore (교보문고) that has HOTTRACKS in the 2nd basement level.

* Assistance for English, Japanese, and Chinese speaking foreigners is available at Hottracks


20081111092908.438.2 (1)


From COEX to Hottracks Gangnam Branch (Sinnonhyeon Station, Exit 7)
Time: 26 minutes / Transfer: twice / Fare: 1050 KRW (one way)

Follow the route as attached below.


By taxi, it takes 20 minutes but you have to pay a lot more (Base rate: 3,000 KRW, +100 KRW per 35 seconds ).
Tell the taxi driver to take you to Sinnonhyeon Subway Station 신논현역, Exit 7.

Any alternatives in case the album is out of stock at the Gangnam Branch?

Hottracks Gwanghwamun Branch (Gwanghwamun Station 광화문역, Exit 3)
It’s the biggest record shop in Seoul and has the most stocks among all record shops.


You don’t need to come out of the station and then lose your energy walking the streets to find the shop.
Hottracks Gwanghwamun is connected inside Gwanghwamun Subway Station, Exit 3.


From COEX to Gwanghwamun Station

Time: 40 minutes / Transfer: once / Fare: 1150 KRW (one way)


Hottracks Yeongdeungpo Branch (Yeongdeungpo Station, Exit 3)

Get off at Yeongdeungpo Station and then come out through Exit 3 which is connected to Times Square Mall.
Kyobo (Hottracks) is on the 2nd floor in the mall.

Yeongdeungpo Times Square is one of the newest and biggest shopping malls in Seoul.
Have some great shopping and purchase Jaejoong’s WWW album! <3





From COEX (Samseong St.) to Seoul Times Square (Yeongdeungpo St.)

Time:  42 minutes / Transfer: once / Fare: 1250 KRW


English ver. of the entire Seoul subway map LINK


You have to check the availability of Jaejoong’s WWW album copies so you wouldn’t come back empty-handed.
Please call the branch you’re planning to visit and ask if there are stocks, before you start traveling.

Hottracks Gangnam: 02-534-9961 (opening hrs 9:30am~10:00pm)
Hottracks Gwanghwamun: 02-732-9961 (opening hrs 9:30am~10:00pm)
Hottrack Yeongdeungpo: 02-2678-9961 (opening hrs 10:00am-10:00pm)

* These are the branches with enough stocks as of 6pm, 2013 Oct 31

Picture Credit: source 1 // source 2 // source 3 // source 4


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