[Live Recording] Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Seoul, Day 2 (+DL)

1. 9+1# 0:00:52
2. Butterfly 0:04:43
3. Rotten Love 0:09:17
4. Kiss B 0:13:45
5. Now Is Good 0:18:13
6. Don’t Walk Away 0:22:08
7. I said I’m Sorry 0:25:45
8. Sunny Day 0:29:43
9. Brighter 0:33:39
10. LuvHolic 0:37:35
11. Make-up 0:41:16
12. Let the Rhythm Flow 0:45:58
13. Ultra Soul 0:50:01
14. We Should Have Been Friends 0:54:58
15. Modem Beat 0:57:14
16. Just Another Girl 1:02:16
17. Mine 1:06:20
18. Paradise 1:09:41

Download raw audio that sounds better than the video
Audio Recording Credit: @jaetaku


2 thoughts on “[Live Recording] Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Seoul, Day 2 (+DL)

  1. Hello!!!!!

    So I stumbled upon your translated article in JYJ3, and I went ‘wallah’, I found another one! Actually I’m here to recruit you to be a member of an elite team, specialised in translating netizens of Korea’s reaction towards articles about JYJ. Kind of like netizenbuzz (but then, she stopped doing any JYJ translation and JYJ fans got pissed).

    I am only a regular user on a new JYJ budding forum. And I personally think that by having people translating JYJ’s comments, we would make them even more relevant to the public (some think JJ isn’t relevant cause NB didn’t do a post on him, but did one on Taeyang). Besides, this JYJ forum, planet JYJ is just so beautiful, it would be a waste if it didn’t receive the amount of users it deserved.

    We think, by using the special elite team’s force, we can add more user to the site and help international fans connect with Korean fans. The admins will also give you special titles like mods, they’re contemplating that I think.

    And from your site, I think you’re a free lancer, so you wouldn’t want to get tied I bet. Don’t worry, it’s not like we expect you to translate one article per day. You can translate the one you only feel interested in, even ones not related to JYJ (though you might have to post it on another section). And we’re trying to gather a team here, so you’d probably have team mates. And maybe there will be translator for Japanese articles as well. Who knows whom I might stumble upon to.

    So, here it is. Hope you will really contemplate on this. Let’s spread the JYJ love together. But oh God forbid, I hope I didn’t sound like I’m forcing you. Girl, feel free to reject if you want to, I won’t hold it on you. Everyone deserves to make their own choice without being compelled by a third party <3 <3 <3

    PS: LOL, I couldn't send it to your e-mail, so I put it here instead. You're lucky, the one on the e-mail is lengthier and rantier (if there's such a word) you would've had a headache I swear. lolz.

  2. Oh schnap, I just noticed, Audio always sounds better, but damn, he’s too hot, how can I not watch him while he sings…. I think I’m going to dl the vid through yt lololol. Lucky fans who got to attend >.<

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