[TRANS] Rock Star Kim Jaejoong Hypnotizes Audience with His Talents

Korean source: [Review] Rock Star Kim Jaejoong Hypnotizes Audience with His Talents (by journalist Park Se-yeon of mk.co.kr)
Translated by @jaetaku


You are making a misjudgment if you think a Korean idol star’s 10-year career is nothing but a number. The power of a seasoned singer Kim Jaejoong, who transformed from pop dance singer to singer-songwriter and then to rock star, was as fierce as that.

On the 3rd, in Samseong-dong COEX, Seoul, at 6:00 PM, ‘2013 Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert’ was held to celebrate Kim Jaejoong’s 1st full solo album release.

The concerts that mobilized 14,000 for two days filling 7000 seats packed to capacity made me fully realize how big Kim Jaejoong’s “Star Power” is. On the walls of the concert hall, huge banners were put up, which say “We Warn You Kim Jaejoong. It’s Been Only 10 Years. Never Think of Getting Away From Us”, “Congratulations to Ourselves for Contract Extension of Following You”, etc.

Speaking the conclusion first, as a result of my watching his two and a half hour captivating concert, I’d say that it’s no exaggeration to say that the words put up on the walls were actually what Kim Jaejoong himself tells his fans, not his fans to Kim Jaejoong. Let me backtrack my memory of Kim Jaejoong’s concert that hypnotized the audience with his ‘talents’.


Kim Jaejoong, who showed himself up inside the cage on stage after the opening with fancy laser beams, overwhelmed the vast concert hall with majestic rock accompaniment. Even though Kim Jaejoong stood on stage without his fellow members Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun, he gave off rock spirits, exposing his extraordinary stage presence.

Jumping started from the opening which began with the two tracks from Kim Jaejoong’s 1st full solo album, ‘9+1#’ and ‘Butterfly’. The entire audience rose to their feet from the first song, a fervent performance was staged that I thought the song selection for opening was like a finale of other concerts. As Kim Jaejoong finished singing live along with the band playing hardcore rock sounds, he was drenched with sweat and fans yelled out a cheer at this impassioned Kim Jaejoong.

Him blowing away my concern ‘How is he going to keep singing live while he consumed so much energy from the opening?’, the concert was ‘flaming’ throughout the two hours. The next performance which began with ‘Rotten Love’ and ‘Kiss B’ was glowing with his powerful singing ability and his gripping stage manners.

Kim Jaejoong showed the two sides of a rocker, toughness and sweetness, strutting across the stage without a breathing spell. He showed off his excellent singing skills, singing a duet ‘Sunny Day’ with Lee Sang-gon, and then captured girls’ hearts during his sexy performance ‘LuvHolic’ with Gummy.


In addition, he showed a vocalist Kim Jaejoong’s current status with his diversified music selections: Now Is Good, Don’t Walk Away, Modem Beat, Just Another Girl, etc.

Not only his singing, but also his volubility that made the audience burst into laughing was fantastic. In the show business where there exist a number of ‘cheeky saucy’ entertainers, the Kim Jaejoong playing on 7,000 audience with his witty talks was King of Kings.

It was also a nice fan-service event to show himself in his dressing room broadcasting live in real time. He shouted “You’re having fun, rock’n’rolll baby!” though, I felt it was a kind of “self-introduction” because he was the one who had real fun, sticking his abs onto camera, doing ‘Gwiyomi Player’ and then manipulating fans with his shyness.

Prior to singing the last song ‘Paradise’ which is written by Kim Jaejoong himself, he did “self-congratulation” on the above-mentioned words “Contract Extention of Following You” in fans’ banners, explaining about the song “It’s a song that says you all can’t get away from me anyway and also I implore you not to leave. I think all of you who have stayed with me until now could feel this song with one accord.”

However, the happier truth was my discovery of soloist Kim Jaejoong who surpassed the limit, JYJ, being only a member of a group. Even with people’s worries and rebukes, Kim Jaejoong has kept on plodding away at challenging rock music, and he is now creating his own identity, beyond just putting a mere meaning of challenge. I saw Kim Jaejoong’s bright future in the real scene where he was working on his ‘present progressive’ challenge.


At the press conference that was held prior to the concert, Kim Jaejoong said “The happiest moment in my 10-year career is right now that I released my first full solo album” and through this concert it was proved to be his heartfelt words, not just a common phrase for promoting his own album.

Kim Jaejoong who now stands at another starting point, saying “I want to feel growing pains”. It’s just a beginning of this smart singer’s walk, who put on clothes with a perfect fit for himself. 10 years since debut. Isn’t it a pleasure, at this moment, to witness not just a member of JYJ but soloist Kim Jaejoong’s walk, one by one?


2 thoughts on “[TRANS] Rock Star Kim Jaejoong Hypnotizes Audience with His Talents

  1. Hello, thank you so much for this translation, it really helped. I just sent you an e-mail to 126×204@gmail.com. Please read it if you can. Well, we’re in need of someone like you for JYJ (I think you’re a perfect candidate actually) lolol. But it’s okay, you can decline if you want to, we won’t mind.

    • Hi, dear. I’m sorry but any of your emails did not reach my inbox. I’ve just read your comments in the other post, too. I thank you very much for yours words though, I’m not regularly active in fandom so I don’t think I’m a fitting candidate to work with a team. And although you’re saying I can translate only the things I want to and don’t need to translate everyday, I guess I will feel kind of burdensome not doing my duty as a teammate! haha. Thanks for dropping by anyway. Hope you have a good day!

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