[TRANS] 131108-09 Keeping A Record of King’s Words from WWW Album Fansign Event

I also posted trivial stuff  on Twitter, but here let me move only the things that are worth keeping a record.  Most of them are what I transcribed from Korean fans’ audio or their live tweets and then translated in English.


“Butterflies chase only after showy and honeyed things. If they’re human, they must be meretricious and superficial people. So it [my song Butterfly] is a paradox that I talk to myself ‘Don’t be such person. Be concern about inner beauty, too.'”

Why ‘I’ [Jaejoong’s first-ever solo album]?

“I wanted to put MY sincerity of challenging rock for the first time into the album. It was about LOVE and the word ‘love’ in Japanese is [aɪ], so these things fell into place.”

Any plan to play an aucoustic guitar or a bass guitar?

“Actually I’m still learning how to play them, so I will probably perform a guitar on stage in the future. I play piano, but the reason why I don’t perform a piano on stage is because I might make mistakes.”

WWW Album design

“Pro designers made it but I picked the photos myself.”

Writing lyrics

“Writing lyrics is very hard. In my school days, I used to listen to L’Arc-en-Ciel a lot. So there appears to be a bit of Hyde style in my lyrics. For example, I don’t write just ‘fast’ but rather ‘more courageously than rockets’. Or something like ‘a fair wind’s clouds'”

MIDI and real musical instruments

“In the past, I used MIDI a lot when composing songs. But this time, every single track of my new album was recorded with real musical instruments. I even inserted real life noise in some part, and in some other part I inserted reverberation to give a dreamy atmosphere.”

Different kinds of me inside myself

“I had a blast chatting with international fans on LINE. I want to have it again with Korean fans. Ah, I have to emphasize that I was not drunk during the chat! Haha. I think I have different kinds of me inside myself. Sometimes it’s Kim Jaejoong and at other times it’s another me. hehe. I saw a picture of myself standing on stage on the internet, but I myself thought that it’s not like me. The me on stage gives off a whole different feel, but once I get off the stage I become another me that is undignified. haha. Even I find it amazing.”

‘I Said I’m Sorry’

It’s a ballad version of Get Out (JJ’s self-written JYJ song). And it’s my own true story… Isn’t this girl so bad? Haha.

Meaning of 9+1#

“If I name the song just 구원(salvation), it’s not intriguing enough. So I first thought of only using numbers 9 (“goo”) and 1 (“one”) so it reads ‘goo-won’, a homonym of Korean word ‘salvation’. But then, 9 plus ( + ) 1 becomes 10, double figures which feel greater. And lastly, I put the sharp symbol which raises a note by a half tone in music so that it means I wish to achieve even more ideal salvation than I first wished to.”

Any anecdotes that happened while making your album?

“To be honest, the period of making the whole album was very short. I did not want to mention it because it might seem to lack in sincerity. But I tell you that I had run [made efforts] three times harder [than all the albums I’ve made / participated as a singer] for this album. I even recorded two tracks a day. And I deliberately overdrank the nights before recording. All the tracks have high notes though, I did it on purpose. So in I Said I’m Sorry, you can hear my twang and that my voice sounds tired. I loved this feel. I wanted to borrow this feel and ‘rock spirits’ from my drunk state, and put them in my album.”

(followed by previeous question) “Thirsty” songwriters in K-pop industry

“By the way, isn’t every track of my album nice? There is a reason. In Korean music industry, there aren’t many young artists who do rock music. FTisland, CNBlue… But their songs more of pop music. So, songwriters had been so thirsty for giving their rock songs to a young soloist. They’d been so waiting for someone who could do rock. But there weren’t many artists who could do it without hesitation. Because it’s a risky genre to try in Korea. As soon as I released my first-ever solo album ‘I’, around 40 songs were sent to me from these songwriters within 3 days. Not a single song was B-list. All of them deserved to be the title track. I chose 7 out of the 40 songs. That is why I had no option but only to have these good quality songs in my album.”

Did you write the lyrics of Let the Rhythm Flow 100%?

“Yes, I wrote everything myself.”

Paradise performance in WWW Seoul concerts

About the Paradise performance which was a finale of WWW Seoul concerts, fans asked Jaejoong why he did not turn his back and disappeared without any more closing words. (Most fans who attended WWW Seoul concerts have the same feeling towards the finale performance. The part that described Paradise performance in @shadowjaejes‘ fanaccount speaks for all, I guess. http://shadowjaejes.livejournal.com/6153.html )

“When I made this song, I wanted to put an implied message into it. (T/N: Think about the repetitive lyrics of Paradise) Long ago, there was this rock band in the UK. They once released album with one of its tracks that you can’t even hear their singing and breathing. If a layperson listens to it, s/he would think ‘What the heck is this? Is it an instrumental version of something?’ But if their enthusiastic, maniac fans listen to it, they can feel the subtle things out of it, even can feel this rock band’s breathing. I made Paradise with this thought. But of course, I felt that it’s too hardcore to the extent that listeners can’t hear anything. Haha. While performing Paradise on the first day of my concerts, I was charged with emotion all of a sudden, thinking of the process I was making this song. So I wasn’t able to continue to sing further halfway through the song. Funnily it happened to look like a performance that is directed intendedly this way and I did the same on the second day, too. Haha.”

Before singing Paradise, Jaejoong said, “It’s a song that I implore you all not to leave me and that you all can’t get away from me anyway.” (listen to audio below)

In Naver Music Interview this past October, Jaejoong has said (link)

“I made the outro first when I composed this song. If you read the lyrics thoroughly, you would know that I borrowed some phrases from other tracks I wrote lyrics to, and then I made a whole new song out of the same phrases. It’s an intriguing song. ‘Please don’t leave me, please stay with me. Because I’m your paradise and also heaven. So please stay beside me.’ This is what I’m telling all of you(fans)!?^^;;'”


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