[TRANS] Kim Jaejoong Overwhelmes Yokohama With His Mega-scale Concerts…60K Audience Went Wild

Korean source: eNews24

On the 17th, Kim Jaejoong met overall 60K fans at his concerts in Yokohama.

The concerts mobilized 1,000 staff and showed off its mega scale putting up a 100-meter width and 15-meter tall stage. Kim Jaejoong presented a 6-member rock band and 14-member orchestra with his singing live perfectly.

Kim Jaejoong opened the concerts with a fierce rock genre song ‘9+1#’ and followed by ‘Butterfly’, ‘Rotten Love’, etc., he heated up the stadium from the beginning. Later, he showed his multifarious charms changing performances back and forth between ballads and up-tempo rock music.

During ‘LuvHolic’ performance, Kim Jaejoong riding a roving stage crisscrossed the whole stadium, waved at his hands, and talked with fans in his fluent Japanese in between singing.

When he was singing 5 Japanese songs including the surprisingly added songs ‘Saigo no Ame’ and ‘Konayuki’, all the Japanese fans there listened to him as if they were holding their breaths, and as he finished his singing, they all rose to their feet and shouted out “Encore!”

Kim Jaejoong shared his impression, “It’s my first concerts in Japan after I released my first full-length solo album and I’m thankful that a lot of fans came to my concerts. I’m really happy when I sing looking at all of you on stage. Thank you for having fun and baring with the cold weather together. For two days, I was unaware of the passage of time. I’ll repay you with nice performances in the future.”

As it was Kim Jaejoong’s first concerts in Japan [after WWW release], we could see his fans who came to the concerts from different regions.

Reika from Okinawa (28, female) excitedly said “I traveled 5 hours on a high-speed train to attend his concerts. I wanted to see his performances with songs from his first full-length album in the flesh at any cost. Just to think of what kind of image he will be showing us as a rocker makes my heart flutter.”

Yui (21, female) said “I live in Yokohama. It is indeed unbelievable that my favorite baseball team plays their game in Yokohama DeNa BayStars Stadium and even my most beloved singer Kim Jaejoong is holding concerts here. I think it’s the first luck that came to my life.”

Concert staff member conveyed the sizzling heat of audience in the stadium, saying, “It is well known that Yokohama Stadium is selective in accepting rental inquiries, so it’s very meaningful that they allowed a Korean soloist to have concerts. Kim Jaejoong’s popularity is unequaled in Japan and the fact that he as a soloist sold out tickets of stadium-scale concerts is tremendous achievement. Even the local staff thought that it’s incredibly unbelievable that a soloist could sell out tickets of  stadium concerts with a capacity of 30K for two consecutive days in this cold weather.”

Kim Jaejoong will continue his Asian tour concert later in Taiwan this coming November 23rd.


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