[TRANS] Complete Package Idol Kim Jaejoong, There Are Reasons for Overwhelming Popularity

A Korean source review on Kim Jaejoong’s Asian Tour Concerts in Seoul

It’s a bit late translation because the review was posted two weeks ago on November 4, 2013. Anywho, it’s worth sharing and I wanted you know how Jaejoong earned nicknames ‘Unhateable Narcissist’ and ‘Coquettish Kim’. Wouldn’t it be more fun to read them with the context? hehe. Enjoy reading!

[REVIEW] Completely Shaped Idol Kim Jaejoong, There Are Reasons for Overwhelming Popularity

by Kang Hyo-jin of tvdaily.co.kr (link)

(T/N: It’s actually awkward to say “Completely Shaped Idol” in English but I wanted to use the same wording as the journalist. It’s basically the equivalent in English to “the complete package”.)

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong successfully completed his solo concerts in commemoration of his first full-length album release. The last day of his Asian tour concerts in Seoul was held at 6pm in COEX, Samseong-dong on November 3rd.

At the press conference prior to the actual concert, he conveyed his special pleasure, saying “The happiest moment in my 10-year career since debut is right now that I’ve released my first full solo album”

Kim Jaejoong was able to conclusively prove the reasons for his overwhelming popularity through his splendid performances brimming with confidence.


◆  Kim Jaejoong, *King of Kings in Idol Industry. Visual, Talents, Charms… There’s None That He Lacks Of

(T/N: It wasn’t ‘King of Kings’ originally but because there’s no equivalent in English, I used it since it actually means the same. The original Korean word is 끝판왕 which is a slang used among online game users and means King, ace of aces that terminates the last round of games.)

This day, Kim Jaejoong showed his capability as an artist through singing his self-written songs, let alone his sculpture-like looks and masterful performances. His immaculate singing the demanding songs, which were with a lot of high notes like knives, evoked the audience’s awe beyond expectation.

At the previously held press conference, he said “At first I was worried because all 13 tracks of my new album have a lot of high notes, but I was rather okay yesterday.” And he aroused acclamation through combining his manliness and talents which are in full swing and witness as an entertainer.

From powerful hardcore rock to ballad performances merging his pleading vocals with beautiful voice, Kim Jaejoong leading the two about-face performances stood out as a vocalist.

He presented a romantic performance ‘Kiss B’ using a pink sofa and a lyrical melody in ‘Now Is Good’ which he collaborated with Yoon Do-hyeon. And then ‘Don’t Walk Away’ which is featured with a video of  Yong Joon Hyeong gave excitement.

As for the guests this day, Lee Sang Gon of No-Eul and Gummy appeared followed by Moon Myeong Jin and Kim Beom Soo the previous day. Kim Jaejoong and Lee Sang Gon sang ‘Sunny Day’  in perfect harmony, which had received a lot of attention as it was pre-released. And then Kim Jaejoong and Gummy presented an intense performance ‘LuvHolic’, being dressed in black together and headbanging. As gratitude for her guesting at his concert, he sang ‘We Should Have Been Friends’ originally by Gummy.

After finishing performances with guests, he changed into a pink jacket, ran to the left side of the stage, made a dash onto the roving stage crossing and electrifying the audience. As Kim Jaejoong moved, 7,000 audience’s eyes followed along and it added to the heat in the concert hall. On the roving stage which centered in the concert hall,  Kim Jaejoong staged a languidly sexy performance.

◆ Unhateable Narcissist Kim Jaejoong “You All Can Never Get Away From Me” 

This day, a born to be idol Kim Jaejoong with lovely narcissism masterfully controlled the screaming in the concert hall that was almost about to explode. He simply exuded charms that “steered” his fans. 

From the opening, Kim Jaejoong appeared with only a coat layering his sleek upper body and said “It’s really hot but there are no clothes I can change” about the heat inside the concert hall, giving off his cheeky charms.

Also, through the Waiting Room Talk that was aired on screens real-time, he aroused mirth by showing his impishness and geniality to his fans and welcoming his friends who were watching his concert. As Hong Seok-cheon was closed up on camera and flied kiss at him, he came back at Hong, saying “Don’t feel too much, baby” which caused the entire audience to burst out laughing.

Kim Jaejoong, who perfectly carried out until encores amid hearty cheers, lastly shared his impression, “I’ve been thrilled and enjoyed the concerts yesterday and today. Because it’s the concerts I have with my first full-length solo album, it feels new and I’m very happy to see you all laughing and frolicking although I’m abruptly having rock concerts, not walking on eggshells [and not caring about others’ opinions on my decision to pursue rock music]”

Prior to ‘Paradise’ performance, he signaled the finale of his concert by saying, “It’s a song that I implore you all not to leave me and that you all can’t get away from me anyway. I believe everyone here who has been with me can feel this song in a body.”

– Last part publicizing already known Asian tour concerts in other cities omitted –

Another nickname?

* Korean word ‘요물’ was originally used for monsters in Korean myths that they suck out human beings’ spirits. But these days it’s used for a person who bewitches people by his/her charms.

On November 3rd, one of IDmyo dancers, Joo Hye Jin tweeted:

“He who claims that he himself doesn’t play the coquet but does it by instinct. *Coquettish Kim (29) putting people up and down~ [T/N: means playing on the audience] I enjoyed your singing and performances very much.”


After then, Korean journalists nicknamed him ‘Coquettish’ as well. LOL

Title of news article (link):
‘Coquet’ Kim Jaejoong playing on the audience fires his Asian tour concerts!

Excerpt from another news article (link):
“Among the many ‘coquettish’ entertainers in show business, Kim Jaejoong playing on 7,000 audience with his witty talks was King of Kings.” (full trans)


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