[TRANS] Kstyle News Interviewed Jaejoong Fans at Yokohama Stadium Concerts

The Origin of Our Love For Jaejoong Is His Singing

During the concerts, words such as “Sexy”, “Eroi”, and “Kakkoii” were outpoured from the audience. Although they were focusing his pale yet well-shaped body, he is singer who represents K-pop after all. The first thing that captivated fans’ hearts was his beautiful voice.

A woman in her 60s from Sendai firmly said, “Jaejoong’s charm is his voice. I always fall in love with singers’ voices, so I used to love Jaejoong’s voice most among Tohoshinki members back then.” A sixth-year fan, high school student from Saitama said “When I first listened to a Tohoshinki song, I fell for his voice that was singing the chorus . But later it turned out that he was even a handsome man!”

There were overwhelmingly a lot of fans who fell for his singing and subsequently his looks . And then they eventually started to love everything about him as they feel that they are loved by him.

Sisters in their 60s from Kanakawa said, “We were very surprised to know there was such a child who can sing this well. What’s more, we had to be surprised again that he’s so pretty. And, that he always gets shy after doing an amazing job himself… We love the ‘gap’ between this cute side the cool side of him. He does not dissemble, but he always shows his true character and is honest. So we’ve never loved any artist as much as we now love him and to such an extent as to have changed our whole lives. We wish we had known about him earlier, but we also think that we perhaps love him this much thanks to the present age. Even though he urges us to think he’s sexy, at our ages, he only appears to be adorable to us. It feels like watching our child.” 

Two high school students from Aichi said, “First of all, because we want to hear his voice and also it’s amusing to watch his performances. His charm is that he puts his hearts in his singing so all of the emotions are conveyed to listeners and that he cherishes his fans.” and they nodded to each other, saying, “Add to that, he’s handsome and dangerous.” Another pair of girls in their 20s from Aomori said, “His charms include: his face, style, sex appeal, and everything. But ultimately, his singing!” and “The reason I had started following Tohohinki was though Jaejoong. I like rock, so as he started pursuing rock music, I ended up being attracted to him even more. Everyday I listen to ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Mine’ more than 10 times per day.” Just like this, there was also a college student from Kanagawa who said that her love for Jaejoong grew even stronger as he started pursuing rock music.

It is not only women who are attracted to him.

A young man in his 20s from Chiba, who attended the concert in rock fashion and was fortunate to have conversed with Jaejoong over the camera, said “He indeed looks sexy even to men. The reasons why I like him include his rock music and the cute side of him. This ‘gap’ between them is attractive. And because he sings extremely well, I as a man admire him very much.” He had the chance to be picked up by camera man thanks to ‘Funasshi’. “Jaejoong  murmured ‘Funasshi’ all of a sudden on Twitter. So I thought he’d notice me if I’m with Funasshi in the audience, then I bought it for 2,000 Yen at at the UFO Catcher Game Center. And the camera man actually noticed me as I was waving this. All of his live performances were great, so he’s growing on me more and more.”

Not only on Twitter, the word ‘Funasshi’ spilled out of Jaejoong’s mouth also at the concerts. At the concert venue, fans who put on Funasshi stood out conspicuously.

Following The Dress Code Makes You More Connected

Jaejoong announced ROCK as the dress code for his fanmeet which was held this past June in Yokohama. This time, it was S&M (Sadist and Masochist). “Although he said so, I guess it’s immoderate. (laughs)”, said a fan in her 40s from Nagano. Nonetheless, there were many of fans who were in unique costumes, saying “I don’t care about the cold weather even at a outdoor venue.” 

A college student from Kanagawa said, “My fashion theme today is a Masochist nurse. I also have a stethoscope. I’m okay with the cold weather. I’ll feel hot naturally as soon as I see him singing later. Because the theme of his album represents him breaking his own shell, I follow him and brazen it out with this costume! I can put on any look I want!”

The two high school students definitely gave as good as she got, saying, “For the dress code S&M, I’m now wearing a short sleeved mini dress under my coat. I’ll take it off the second the actual concert starts! I don’t want my youth to be second to anyone! We must make Jaejoong to look at us!”

“Getting dressed to the dress code makes us think we are connected to Jaejoong”, said this duo, one high school student from Kouchi and the other technical school student from Tokyo. Both tried to represent ‘S’ by wearing mesh leggings, but the high schooler put on a cross as well, which is a masochist item, to represent “Jaejoong’s Pet” because “I want to do whatever I am told by Jaejoong”

“Jaejoong’s personality, face, body, and mind are all the best. I attended the first day’s concert, too. He was dazzling, having a mystical aura to the point of being dangerous. I thought I was going to be blind, looking straight at a twinkling Jaejoong. Yesterday, we learned the hand clapping chants from Jaejoong. We practiced it to be perfect so we can show him that we are enjoying the concert very much. Let’s show the power of us! In my opinion, Jaejoong seems to be ‘S’ outwardly, but he is ‘M’ inwardly. That’s why I think Jaejoong’s partner should be S, but I also think he will love her regardless of being S or M. When I look at Jaejoong, I won’t feel cold at all!

In the venue, there were also parent-child companions, a mother and her daughter from Nagano, being dressed to the dress code!

“Conversations between us mother and daughter are mostly about JYJ and Jaejoong. It’s fun everyday. Both of us were stuck on Jaejoong since my daughter (now in middle school) was a kid, and we grew together in the singing voice of Jaejoong. Of course his voice is the best, but he’s also sweet and I heard that he has a lot of friends. I feel that he really is a good person. We were being so obsessed with what to wear this morning. So for a special today, we chose to wear mesh stockings. My husband? He dropped us off here today”, said a mom in her 30s.

Beside above-mentioned fans, others were also enjoying S&M fashion individually that one of them wore a handcuff necklace, saying “I want to arrest Jaejoong’s heart!”

Jaejoong Is The Source Of Our Energy

Live concert isn’t the only means to feel Jaejoong. They get courage and power heartened by Jaejoong’s singing in their everyday lives. “I always listen to him whenever I feel low because his voice soothes me”, said a college student. “I have an English exam tomorrow. So I’m refreshing myself today and will take the exam at full blast tomorrow. It’s my last exam to get a credential for finding a job. So I should pass the exam. But I’m attending the concert for two consecutive days”, said another college student. “I was accepted by the college I wished to go to. I came here as a reward to myself. When Jaejoong’s concert was confirmed, I thought I must not fail to be accepted and I really studied intensively. So this concert is Jaejoong’s celebrating my college admission”, said a high school student. And, a woman from Fukushima’s message “I want you to also come to the Northeastern area”! I wish the power of Jaejoong reached there, too.

All the words from Jaejoong’s longtime fans who have followed him for 6 to 7 years and also his new fans who have followed him only for a few months. According to a high school girl who says “Jaejoong is a god-like person to me”, there are friends who know Jaejoong, but there isn’t a fan of him yet in her class. I wish he could have a lot of activities extensively to expand his fanbase in the future.

Japanese Source: Kstyle News
I translated the Japanese-Korean translation by @dc_jellry to English ^^


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